Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I 'Druther Be Here than Anywhere Else

Derek ( is here. He took this video this afternoon, and put it on YouTube so I could post it here tonight. Too big to have e-mailed it.

Earlier this afternoon a box full of lovely teas and a teapot (MOST necessary for Hobbits) arrived from I highly recommend them. Little kids and cats NEED cardboard boxes, so I gave them this one.

The black cat is my Yeshua. He was born a year ago yesterday, and his mother abandoned him when he was a few days old. Bob fed him kitten formula with an eyedropper for three days, then I got here, and I became the Mama Cat. I fed him, bathed him when he was dirty, taught him how to dig a hole in the sand and dripped water on him so he'd learn what to do with the hole in the sand. He is the most beautifully natured cat.

The little one in the box is the Tiger-Kitten. She was brought here by a neighbour on Maundy Thursday, after she'd been found in the middle of the road. The plan was she'd stay here overnight (the girl who found her has allergies and bad dogs) and be taken to the shelter the next day. Somehow, she never made it to the shelter. Yeshua is most definitely mine, and Tiger and Yeshua belong to each other. She's an Egyptian Princess cat, with the kink in the end of her tail to hold rings on, while the princesses bathe.

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